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Tourism[1] “means the activity of visitors taking a trip to a main destination outside their usual environment, for less than a year, for any main purpose, including business, leisure or other personal purpose, other than to be employed by a resident entity in the place visited.

According to a study[2], 76 % of the Americans wanted to travel more than they do currently. The reasons for not traveling are, mainly due to a lack of finances or feeling unprepared, ill-equipped to venture into an unknown territory.

According to 2013[3] statistics, a total of 1.087 billion people travelled to another country as tourists. This has increased from just 25 million in 1950. These statistics also suggests that approximately 6 billion (2013) people never have had any tourism experience.  Not everyone has greater disposable income to travel outside their own town or country, fear of travelling, social political situations in the dream destinations, ageing and disability play crucial roles. Even among the people who travel, only 7% people[4] to take up adventurous tourism.


It is anticipated that to bringing a ‘live travel experience’ to non-tourists, virtual and augmented reality will play an important role in the tourism industry. Current scenario is that pre-recorded 360-degree videos are provided by individual people, tourism providers etc. There is a potential opportunity for a digital platform where immersive-tourism-experience seekers and travel-guides could meet. The availability of economical 360-degree camera equipment and VR headset would offer an exciting opportunity for people to make use of live immersive tourism experience.


Use cases

  1. J wants to travel to Venezuela, due to political reasons; J could not travel to the country. J visits “Eyemmersive®” platform and registers as an immersive experience seeker. J finds a local tourism provider who could provide live 360-degree video feed.  J is excited to have experienced immersive tourism.
  2. J is an adventurous traveller. J has got 360-degree camera equipment and J is a vlogger. J wants to monetise live vlogging. J registers on Eyemmersive® platform, announces the plan of live feeding and subscription fee. People, who want to have adventurous immersive experience, pay and get the experience successfully.
  3. XYZ is tourism provider. J is a wheelchair bound person and wants to know the accessibility of the destination, accommodation provisions. J wants to have live immersive experience, so that J can decide whether to travel to that place or not. Eyemmersive is the bridge between tourism providers and the accessible tourism seekers. J is happy about the experience and decides to travel.
  4. J is a business traveller who wants to know in prior about nature of the city, business opportunities, nightlife in the city etc. J hires a local tourist guide through Eyemmersive, examines a snapshot of his requirements and plans accordingly.
  5. J travels to his favourite place, due to his sudden illness or inability to walk long distance, J stays at a place/travel hub. J finds a local tourist guide to complete the remaining travel experience through immersive VR/AR headsets. Eyemmersive facilitates it.
  6. ABC is an academic institution, it wants to take their pupil/students to a factory, they cannot afford due to various reasons. They register their need on Eyemmersive. Industrial tourist guide addresses their need.
  7. J is a researcher, who wants to assess a disaster in a distant country. J could not travel. J finds a person through Eyemmersive to assess the impact of disaster through VR and 360-degree camera equipment.
  8. J aspires to visit his dream destination but his finances does not permit him nor could he afford a VR kit. J finds a local tour agent with a VR Kit who has tie-up with a destination tour agent who helps J visit his dream destination through Eyemmersive at the best possible price. 


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